How It Works

We certainly hope to see you at our next sale! If you’ve never attended, here’s some information to help make your experience rewarding and fun.

When You Arrive

First, please be sure to honor any parking signs on the road. In order to enter the sale, you will need to get a number on our sign-up sheet – one number per person – first come, first served. The sign-up sheet is usually near the entrance about one hour before the sale. You’ll also find a handout with more information for that particular sale. When you enter the home we want you to have a quality experience, so we only allow as many people in the home as space will allow – please be patient – we will try to call your number as soon as possible. Use the time to meet your neighbors, make new friends; it’s a fun social affair! Warning, if you leave and your number is called, you’ll need to start over (get a new number) when you return, in fairness to others that have decided to wait for their number to be called. Estate sales are busy and children must remain with their parents.

The Sale

Members of the Pine Grove crew will be positioned about the home to help you and answer questions. When your number is called you may freely shop in the home, garage, and any other outbuildings, gathering the small items in your basket. If an item is too large or heavy, you’ll see a large perforated yellow ticket for you to take if you decide to buy it. A Pine Grove employee will mark the stub “SOLD” with your first name. The other part of the ticket stub will be taken to our check-out area for you to claim.

If you see any item that is $50 or more – you like the item but you don’t like the price – you may also take a chance and submit a bid into our bid box. Bids must be more than half the ticket price, and Judy calls the winning high bidders the night before half price day. When the doors open on the final day of the sale all items are automatically ½ off the ticket price, unless specifically indicated otherwise.


Take your purchases to the checkout area for payment. If you have purchased large items or furniture you need to request your yellow ticket stubs for payment. To move large items you must speak to Judy before you proceed to pick up or to make other arrangements.

Moving and pick up are your responsibility and Pine Grove employees are not allowed to assist with moving items. Please remember you must have your receipt when you return to load your purchases. The driveway is only for loading, no parking or shopping allowed! And one vehicle at a time, please! In consideration for the home owners, all items must be picked up within a few days of the end of the sale.

A Few Rules and Disclaimers

All sales are final. All items are sold “As Is”. Pine Grove and the client are not responsible for accidents – please watch for caution and stair signs. We do not offer any pre-sales or divulge any pricing, and our prices are more than reasonable – please no bartering.

Photos from Previous Sales